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SponsorOP is a San Francisco based eSports Sponsorship Agency and Technology Company.

In gaming, OP is a common term that means "Over Powered", something that is too good(ex: The God-Sword is OP!). For brands, OP represents new op-portunities. Our job is to match the best brands with the best opportunities and to insure interests are aligned properly so that both parties can reap the benefits.

Professional Gaming is the future. Our founder, Nathan Lands, has dreamed about the future of eSports ever since he first began his career in gaming over 10 years ago by playing games online and making money doing it. He now believes that the time is finally right for eSports to become mainstream and have a big impact on the game industry. Our prime directive is to provide services and create technologies to make that a reality.

SponsorOP is primarily focused on the #1 game in the world, League of Legends -- providing services and technology to teams, players, venues and brands.

"This year at E3 I kept being asked what is the next big trend after social games and gamification? The answer I repeatedly gave was simple: eSports. I strongly believe that in 5 or 10 years from now, looking back, eSports will indisputably be the biggest thing that happened in gaming."

Nathan Lands, CEO & Founder, SponsorOP

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Nathan Lands
Nathan Lands
CEO & Founder

Nathan Lands began his career in gaming at the age of 15. He has created several technology and gaming companies, most recently GameStreamer, Gamification.org, Gamify and now SponsorOP.

  • Signed the only ever sponsorship contract for DotA, the game that inspired League of Legends.
  • Advised and consulted several gaming companies, including helping with early strategy at Gaikai(acquired by Sony).
  • Mentors Thiel Fellows as part of Peter Thiel's 20under20 program.
  • Invested his early 20's traveling and learning Mandarin Chinese in Asia.

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    VP Business Development

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